Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver premium sauna solutions to everyday households across the country.

Our Story

SAUNAFY is a family-run business based on the Gold Coast, ​specialising in premium residential saunas.

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Where It All Started

We were once like you. Scanning the nation for the best residential sauna to help transform our house into the dream home.

As the search dragged on and our hair turned grey, we realised how many others like us were in the same boat. Asking the same questions. Steam or Infrared? Indoor or Outdoor? As fellow sauna lovers turned connoisseurs, we decided to fill the void.

Now the SAUNAFY team are on a mission: To deliver premium sauna solutions to everyday households across the country. We did this by devising and following our simple formula of: consult, deliver and install.

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Solutions to suit individuals.

In our travels, we discovered no two clients were the same, and neither should be their advice. Some were seeking recovery after workouts, to maximise their gym session. Others were looking to wipe away brain fog to bring their best self to the corporate world. Mental health was once a big issue for our clients, as was a lack of quality sleep, often the two going hand in hand. Men and women alike would explain the need for a sauna to complement their yoga, meditation or other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 

Whatever the reason, we soon discovered how vital it was to provide a solution to best suit the individual. Our clients have reached out from all over the country, from high-rise inner city apartments to remote locations coast to coast. All having the same dream we once had of owning their own home sauna. 

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Study, Research, and Passion.

At that point, the SAUNAFY team really went to work. Thru study, research, and passion, we went deep to uncover what saunas would best serve the individuals reaching out. The research included interviewing world experts from as far away as Scandinavia. The birthplace of the glorious creation. And what we learned along the way, we can provide as sound advice to people like you. To ensure the dream of owning a home sauna doesn’t remain just that – a dream.

If you’re reading this, we would love to hear about you! Call the SAUNAFY team today on 0483 958 889, so we can discover what gets you hot and sweaty…