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Alpine Retreat

  • Red cedar construction
  • Electric stove
  • Stone
  • Wood Cradles
  • Benches
  • Wooden bucket & scoop
  • Explosion-proof lamp
  • 8 mm Tempered Glass
  • Hourglass
  • Sauna Stone
  • Hygrothermograph
  • Pillow
  • Backrest


Embrace the tranquillity of the Alpine Retreat Sauna, a spacious and innovative design crafted to envelop up to 10 people in the soothing warmth of a traditional sauna experience. Constructed with the finest red cedar, this sauna offers both the resilience required to withstand the elements and the natural aromatic ambience that enhances relaxation.

The Alpine Retreat’s unique barrel shape not only stands as a statement of design but also optimises heat circulation within, providing a uniform sauna experience from wall to wall. A high-quality electric stove heats the stones to emit a consistent, embracing warmth. The sauna comes complete with wooden cradles and benches that curve naturally with the interior, ensuring comfort during your retreat.

Control the steam with a classic wooden bucket and scoop, and maintain a safe atmosphere with the explosion-proof lamp. The 8 mm tempered glass adds a touch of modern elegance and durability, allowing for serene views without compromising on insulation.

The hourglass, sauna stones, and hygrothermograph are thoughtfully included to guide the perfect sauna session. Comfort is further enhanced with the addition of plush pillows and ergonomic backrests.


6 Person: 1800mm D x 2400mm L
8-10 person: 1800mm D x 3000mm L


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